“Tom Loebig, TV-10 Action News”

I want to be a TV star.

The dream of most college television news majors…

Most college graduates armed with a broadcast journalism degree, have aspirations to be a television news anchor or reporter.

My first TV job was newscast producer. The producer formats the newscast, works with the anchors and reporter, then coordinates with the director on the technical aspects of the broadcast. When the newscast goes live on the air, the producer is there to time the show and figure out what to do when something goes wrong.

I loved being a producer, but being a TV star was still my dream. So, I began a series of conversations with my News Director about getting on the air. Looking back, I pestered the crap out of the guy.  So, he let me do some voice work. I traveled around with photographers shooting stories for broadcast.

But I was 22 or 23 years old and still not a TV star.

Suddenly, an opportunity came up. Our sports anchor’s wife was about to have a baby.

What would happen if she went into labor between the six and 11pm newscasts? Who would anchor the sports?


Wannabee Anchorman

Again, I returned to pestering my boss. No need to bring someone else back to work. I’d produce the newscast and anchor the sports.

Finally, he said YES (I’m sure he thought the baby would be born during the other 16-hours of the day, so saying yes to me was an opportunity to get me out of his office).

For several weeks, I brought my only sports jacket, a white shirt and a red tie to work.

When would this kid decide to come out!

But then, it happened. She went into labor, the sports guy ran home and I was about to get my chance.

I would finally become a TV star.



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