First day of work: January 4, 2021

It’s my first day at work. The commute is great, my office has a nice big window and the breakroom has unlimited free coffee and snacks. This gig at BlueGlassesMedia, LLC feels pretty sweet. Once the company t-shirt arrives, I’ll be set.

The boss seems like a good guy. He has a lot of experience and I hear he knows his stuff.

BlueGlassesMedia, LLC is me. The global headquarters is our dining room, the breakroom is our kitchen.

I’ve set out on my own!

Since graduating from college, I’ve always worked for a company. Usually, its worked out pretty well for me and my family. We’ve lived in some interesting places, and settled down in State College in 2007.

For working 40 hours (rarely), five days a week (usually), 52 weeks a year (minus some time off), I received a paycheck, health insurance and a 401k.

So why give it up?

I say, why not?

I’ll take the time over the weeks and months ahead to share my thoughts.


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