April Fool’s Day is no joke!

Did you see the FAIL of Volkswagen’s joke, calling itself Voltswagen? VW is a bit of a joke itself. I know. I bought one of the company’s infamous “cheater diesels.” VW destroyed its credibility forever. The company’s leadership thinks everyone will forget what happened. One of my jobs is to make sure no one willContinue reading “April Fool’s Day is no joke!”

“Tom Loebig, TV-10 Action News”

I want to be a TV star. The dream of most college television news majors… Most college graduates armed with a broadcast journalism degree, have aspirations to be a television news anchor or reporter. My first TV job was newscast producer. The producer formats the newscast, works with the anchors and reporter, then coordinates withContinue reading ““Tom Loebig, TV-10 Action News””