Good things come to those who wait

I think one of the worst parts of looking for a new opportunity, is waiting. There are bursts of energy: phone calls, meetings, presentations.

You send a thank you note, an email, leave a voice mail followup.

And then, you wait.

How long should you wait?

This article from has some answers.

But like most people, I’m terribly impatient.

This is how I’m coping with my impatience:

Never stop believing in myself.

Being tougher than the rest.

Keeping sharp, like Rocky!

Knowing my value and being ready to be a Champion!

So, I’ll wait a little longer, because…


3 thoughts on “Good things come to those who wait

  1. The system’s there to beat you down. With every “NO” call you’re one call closer to “yes”. Embrace the rejections, the none returned calls and emails and think past the pain to the reward.

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  2. I applied on line every day to anything close to my background. I had – more than I can count – phone interviews, second round phone interviews, in person interviews …. and this went on for three years. There is frustration, disappointment and depression but it will not last forever as long as you don’t give up. I found a great job. Got out of a very toxic job I was in and am so much happier for it all. Good luck.


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