Podcast launch: “So I did a thing!”

The launch of BlueGlassesMedia coincided with my desire to set out on my own. To end the frustration of coming up with something really good, only to see the exceptional work of my team poked, prodded and questioned, sucking the energy and positivity gained.It didn’t happen once. It happened again and again. Enough. “So IContinue reading “Podcast launch: “So I did a thing!””

BlueGlassesMedia Content Vision Checkup

If you wear eyeglasses, how often do you get your prescription checked? If you lead a team producing content, how often do you get your content strategy evaluated by an experienced, independent expert? It’s time for you to experience the BlueGlassesMedia Content Vision Checkup. In a series of virtual conversations, a BGM representative will gatherContinue reading “BlueGlassesMedia Content Vision Checkup”