Podcast launch: “So I did a thing!”

The launch of BlueGlassesMedia coincided with my desire to set out on my own. To end the frustration of coming up with something really good, only to see the exceptional work of my team poked, prodded and questioned, sucking the energy and positivity gained.
It didn’t happen once. It happened again and again.


“So I did a thing!”

In recent conversations with former colleagues, business owners and friends, I’ve learned about many who have stories to tell, about the things THEY did.

Some are like me and pivoted their careers with great success. Others are just getting started and willing to share their struggles and lessons learned.

There are also the stories of entrepreneurs. The pandemic has not been kind to small businesses. Through quarantines and shutdowns, owners were forced to make some difficult choices to keep their doors open. Amongst the stunning statistics of business failures, there are those who are survived, and hope to thrive again.

So tell me your story.

“So I did a thing!” Coming soon to a podcast platform near you.


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