Thoughts about Pittsburgh, murder and Trump

I’m finally coming out of a mind bending funk, which started Saturday when I first heard of the murder of innocents in my second hometown, Pittsburgh.

My first thought was about one of my former Pittsburgh colleagues, David Johnson of WPXI. David has made his home in Squirrel Hill for decades, and I wondered if he was a member of the Tree of Life Synagogue.

I downloaded the WPXI app onto our Roku. I felt relieved when I saw David reporting live from the scene, but imagined how he was internalizing the pain of knowing people who were victims of this dastardly act.

My funk was much like the one I had, the day after the presidential election in 2016. I just happened to be in NYC on election night, then attended a National Association of Broadcasters event at the Javits Center. When I arrived at Javits that morning, the workers were disassembling what was supposed to be, the Clinton victory party.  I looked at the glass ceiling, the metaphor of the expected victory that night.

I thought, what would happen to our country under the Trump presidency?

What happened in Pittsburgh on Saturday was the direct result of the Trump presidency. A racist, bigoted loser, incited and enabled by the rhetoric of his president, snuffed out the lives of 11 beautiful, wonderful Jewish people.

Donald Trump is the worst of America. He is an egotisical piece of shit, sub-human being, who would like nothing more than to be King. I’m sure he’d like to be Henry the 8th, a friend of Hitler and a good buddy of Mussolini. Since they are not alive, Putin and the new guy in Brazil will have to do.

I am venting here. But I must get it out of my system. I am concerned about the future of our country. I fear for my daughters, who we brought up as independent, strong women. If we don’t stop this assault on our country, what will be left for my daughters?

The election next Tuesday, is the most important of my generation. I’m setting my sights very low. I hope the Democrats regain the House. I hope this is the beginning of America deciding that the hate and division supported by Donald Trump is not acceptable.

Please vote, for the sake of our country and its future, please vote.

Please vote to start making America get back on track.


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