Don’t burn bridges and other stuff

If I’ve had the pleasure of hiring you, I always want to make sure that your exit from your current employer goes well. If you are worth hiring, I’ll wait while you make sure that you “don’t burn a bridge.”

Those people you are leaving are just as important to your future, as they were to your past.

I’ve seen the power of this over the last week.

Two of my industry colleagues have come through, to help me get introductions for two impressive jobs. It’s up to me to follow through. On one position, I’ll have a second phone interview this week. I have the qualifications for both jobs and I’m pretty excited.

So, don’t burn a bridge on the way out. Stay in touch with the colleagues whose values you respected. They could be valuable to you in the future.

Other news:

I’ll be in NYC this week for a conference that I think will be helpful for connections. Since the trip is on my dime, I’ve decided to stay in a hostel. This one has little individual sleeping rooms. I’ll let you know about my experience in a later post.

Pitching is going well. Threw another session on Friday, concentrating on my form.

Tom Seaver would push off the pitching rubber. A few times I felt it happening.

I wanna be just like Tom.

And finally, some encouraging health news. My Dad had prostate cancer, so doctors are always sensitive to my PSA levels. I just received my test results and they are down for the second year in a row! I’m not sure why, but one website said that exercise helps, along with having tomatoes in your diet. So, thanks to pizza and pasta for helping with my tomato intake!


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